Andrewthecat – Why are pilgrimages important to some believers and not others?

I believe that pilgrims are important to some believers and not others is because to some believers they are more closer and more experience to God. They’re having some sort of a connection with God most of all. In my opinion I think those believers are Catholics, Christians and other Holy religions, they are believers to me, I think that those religions are very close to God, but since I’m talking about pilgrims being very important to the believers, obviously pilgrims are important because they are also followers and believers of God, they have rights to follow God and they will always stay and follow God.

As for the others…. I think those others are people that have no religion or common interests to us such as God or believing in faith. Like if you think it over you’ll probably think about it a lot that those people who don’t have religions will have no interests in God nor this question.


Jackthewombat – How Important is praying to the Saints to me?

To me, Saints are a lot more down to Earth than the likes of the Holy Trinity, so therefore I feel there are certainly benefits to praying to Saints. I, personally, have never felt the need to pray to the Saints, as for me, praying to God the Father and the Son, as well as Mary, is all I really need. But sometimes, it does seem logical that we can pray to someone that we can relate to more, someone that may have lived a lot closer to our time and the conditions that we, ourselves, live in.

Furthermore, on the topic of relating to a saint, it is very similar to how we take a name of a saint in our middle name during baptism. By doing this, we can connect to a saint in a special way, and strive in our life to live in a manner similar to the values of this saint. By praying to this saint, I believe we can strengthen that special connection in our lives, and through this we can truly strive to be better people.


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Fred Essey- Why are pilgrimages important to some believers and not others?

To begin with, I believe that some pilgrimages are important to some but not others because everyone see’s God differently and has a different relationship with God. Some people go on pilgrimages to strengthen their relationship with God because they want to become closer with him and learn more knowledge about their faith. When on a pilgrimage people receive blessings, by receiving these blessings pilgrims may look back on their past and reflect on all the things they did wrong and try to overcome it by staying closer to God.

Some people might not go on pilgrimages because they might believe that by doing this it will not strengthen their relationship with God, they might find have a different way to strengthen their relationship with God. Also there are different types of Christians, such as Maronite Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Anglican Christians. Some of these different types of Christianity might believe in something different to strengthen their relationship with God rather than going on a pilgrimage.

In conclusion, everyone has their own opinion and way of developing a connection with God. God is in everything and everyone, and everyone see’s him differently.


Andrewthecat – Why are we more skeptical about ‘apparitions’ these days?

In my opinion why we are skeptical about apparitions is because it’s really not that known to us people anymore, what I mean is that apparitions are really not that used or talked about in our times. The first time I heard the word ‘Apparition’ at first I didn’t know what it meant nor what it is, so I basically looked at the definition and got it, a ghost or ghostlike image of a person. 

Another opinion I have is because since this is currently 2013,people are really into advanced technology and to that people will be really busy in the internet. Reading stories, watching video and etc this is why we aren’t that skeptical about apparitions. And also if a person was to be interested with apparitions, there would be a low chance of the public to know apparitions because of the amount of technology being made or being popularised.

Cario Fung- Why are we more skeptical about ‘apparitions’ these days?

I believe that we are more skeptical about the ‘apparitions’ in those days because an Apparition is a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost, a specter or phantom, wraith.

It is also anything that appears, especially something remarkable or startling. The apparition is the event when Mary shows herself to the people of heart.

A Marian apparition is a supernatural appearance of Mary to a person (or group of people) on earth. Since the early centuries of the Church, there have been thousands of reported Marian apparitions. “Reported” is a key word here; just because someone says that they saw Mary doesn’t mean that they really did. The Church, under the guidance of the bishop in whose diocese the alleged apparition occurs, carefully investigates alleged apparitions according to a set of criteria established by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

It’s worth pointing out that the Church never judges an apparition to be “authentic”; the strongest positive statement that they will make is that an apparition is “worthy of belief.” Many Catholics have a strong affinity for certain Marian apparitions; other Catholics never give them much thought.

Cario Fung- Why are Catholics the only Christians that engage in Marian devotions?

The Catholics are the only Christians that engage in the Marian devotions because a Marian devotion in Christianity is a gift (total or partial) of oneself, or one’s activities to the Virgin Mary, i.e. a willingness and desire to dedicate oneself to, or venerate her, either in terms of prayers or in terms of a set of pious acts. Such prayers or acts may be accompanied by specific requests for Mary’s intercession to God.

There are many Marian devotions, ranging from multi-day prayers such as Catholics’ Novenas, the veneration of icons in Eastern Christianity, and activities which do not involve prayers, such as the wearing of scapulars or maintaining a Mary garden.

Devotion to the Virgin Mary does not, however, amount to worship – which is reserved for God; e.g. both Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox view Mary as subordinate to Christ, but uniquely so, in that she is seen as above all other creatures.

Marian devotions are important to the Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican traditions, but most Protestant views on Mary do not accept them, because such devotions are not recorded or promoted in the Bible. They believe this devotion may distract attention from Christ. There is significant diversity of form and structure in Marian devotions practiced by different groups of Christians. Orthodox Marian devotions are well-defined and closely linked to liturgy, while Roman Catholic practices are wide-ranging and may include non-dogmatic beliefs such as the association of Marian devotions with predestination.

Jackthewombat – Why are some Saints celebrated more than others?

I believe some Saints are celebrated more because they have done more important things to the Church than others. You see, there are no different levels of Sainthood – you are either a Saint, or you’re not. However, there are obviously going to be socially recognized at different levels and therefore will be celebrated more often and in a greater fashion.

Furthermore, I feel that people celebrate the Saints that they can connect with or relate to, and often a certain Saint will be a lot easier to relate to than another. Obviously, this would vary between a number of different people, but often, these instances can occur as a general consensus amongst a society.

I don’t think that having some Saints more known than others is necessarily a bad thing, as they have all been recognized to some extent, or they wouldn’t possess the title of ‘Saint’. I think the Saint you choose to pray to and recognize the most is entirely an individual decision, and if a number of people make a similar decision, the Saint that receives this recognition probably deserves it.

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Fred Essey- Why are some saints celebrated more than others?

To become a saint is very challenging. Saints must do amazing and extraordinary things in their lives to become canonised by the pope. A good example would be Mary Mackillop, she devoted her whole life to God and recently was canonised on the 17th of October, 2010.

By now you are probably thinking so, why are saints celebrated more than others? Well in my opinion, i think some saints are celebrated more than others because some saints are prayed to for different reasons. An example of this would be praying to St. Anthony when you loose something, so he can help you find it. Another reason is because some saints are more popular around the world. For example Mary Mackillop is Australia’s first saint and some countries from around the world would not know that.

In conclusion, there are many saints that we don’t know that could be very popular in another country which overall explains why some saints are celebrated more than others.

Andrewthecat – How important is praying to saints to you?

How is it important?

Saints are holy, they worship God the father, Mary our mother and Jesus the Lord and they spend quite an amount of time in their local church. Mary Mackillop was the first saint in Australia meaning that we should pray for her, although she is a saint she is still our mother. Saints are special they’re like the most organised group of God. I think praying to saints are very important because there aren’t that many saints around the world and maybe praying for them would be generously needed.

In my opinion I think it’s important to pray for saints because like I said before there aren’t that many saints living around the world maybe others can be a saint but it is hard since you have to sacrifice a few things in your normal life. If I was a saint I’d probably think about it a lot because I love my normal life and my hobby.

Jackthewombat – How is life like a pilgrimage?

To me, my life is certainly like a pilgrimage, because a pilgrimage is a journey, and every day is part of our journey through life.

In a pilgrimage, we find ourselves seeing new places, meeting new people, exploring our faith, and discovering who we are. Through our journey of faith, we learn and experience so much everyday, developing our intellect, our morals, our values, and our beliefs.

We learn and discover in much the same way, in every day of our lives. The experiences, memories and knowledge we gain makes life what it is – or at least that’s how I’d define it. I mean, there’s more to it then simply being born, or walking upon this planet we call Earth. Otherwise, if that’s all it is, we wouldn’t have the progression of our society, more importantly, we wouldn’t have feelings and morals, and most importantly, we wouldn’t have this faith, this belief in a God.

So, therefore, count yourself lucky that everyday you can wake up to this incredible journey, that we simply call ‘life’.


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